Tina Charles meets man saved by her life-saving donation

Tina Charles was brought to tears Friday when she met Dan Carlson.

Carlson was saved by an AED (automated external defibrillator) donated by Charles’s non-for-profit organization Hopey’s Heart Foundation.

“I never knew my impact would reach this far,” Liberty star Charles said. “It’s one thing to always donate over the years, but it’s another to see maybe the impact it could have.”

The organization was founded after the WNBA center’s aunt Maureen “Hopey” Vaz passed away from multiple organ failure.

The organization bases itself on providing the portable life-saving device in schools and recreational centers across the country to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. The former UConn standout matches the contribution for the foundation for every rebound that she receives in the season.

“What a generous, passionate person she is, I wasn’t excited about coming until I did a little research on the foundation. I found out what a nice, fun, grassroots effort it is and how compassionate she is,” Carlson said.

The foundation has placed nearly 300 AED’s worldwide and would like to have the opportunity to save more lives going forward.

“It makes me what to continue what I’m doing,” Charles said, “it makes me what to have Hopey’s Heart Foundation as a platform to provide resources for other young individuals who want to make a impact in their community.”

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